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HR Film Festival “Reels for Rights”

By Najiba Noori (Afghanistan), Nameera Ahmed (Pakistan) and Mohammad Behroozian (Afghanistan) The film delves into the story of 15-year-old Fariah, a young girl who was born deaf. Through Fariah’s story, the film explores the challenges faced by deaf people in Karachi. This film was produced and directed by Najiba Noori (Afghanistan), Nameera Ahmed (Pakistan) and Mohammad Behroozian (Afghanistan) as part of the Documentary Making for Human Rights and Peace Building Training, Karachi, held in July 201, organized by the United Nations Information Center Islamabad and the Swiss Embassy. Nameera Ahmed is a documentary filmmaker and PADI scuba diving Instructor, with a vast experience of documentary film production work in various locations, ranging from England, France, Turkey and Pakistan. Her films have had international screenings in Italy, Germany, Iran, Brazil, India, Qatar, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, the U.S.A, Turkey, France and Pakistan.

Date of creation: January 20, 2021