Treaty Implementation Cells

Government of Pakistan is currently under a number of reporting obligations such Universal Periodic Review, UN core Human Rights Conventions and GSP+. Whilst these obligations are independent, there is a degree of overlap in terms of the subject matter being reported on. There is currently a mechanism in place, in the form of Treaty Implementation Cells (TICs), which aims to enable the federal and provincial governments to effectively implement ratified conventions and to report regularly on the progress being made.

In accordance with the above, TICs have been established in each of the four provinces. These TICs are constituted of provincial Line Departments, with one such Line Department heading each TIC. Currently these bodies work under the Ministry of Commerce and conduct a monitoring, oversight and coordination role in relation to treaty implementation and reporting requirements.

The general Terms of Reference for the provincial TICs focus on (i) the formulation of effective mechanisms for the implementation of the ratified conventions; (ii) the development of protocols for provincial Line Departments to document the implementation progress; (iii) the provision of support and guidance to the relevant Line Departments to formulate standardised reporting templates and to generate reports; (iv) the coordination with the respective Line Departments to collect and compile reporting data; and (v) the formation of a liaison mechanism with the relevant Federal Ministries (Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Law, Foreign Office) for reporting and monitoring.

Structure of Punjab TIC

The Punjab Treaty Implementation Cell, housed in the Human Rights and Minorities Affairs Department heads the TIC

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Structure of Sindh TIC

The provincial Line Department for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights heads the Sindh TIC

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Structure of Balochistan TIC

The Inter-Provincial Coordination Department heads the Balochistan TIC

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Structure of KP TIC

KP Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights currently heads the KP TIC

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Structure of Federal TIC

The Federal TIC is convened by the Attorney General and its Secretariat is the Ministry of Commerce.

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Gilgit Baltistan

The Gilgit Baltistan Human Rights Department currently heads the Gilgit Treaty Implementation Cell.

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