Ministry of Human Rights

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The Federal Ministry of Human Rights was established in 2016. The Federal Rules of Business lay out the overall mandate for the Human Rights Division which envision a vast and varied role encompassing, inter alia, oversight, review, implementation, legislation, harmonization with

international standards, compliance with treaty obligations, advocacy, domestic and international representation, redress of human rights situations, awareness generation, capacity building, administration of other human rights bodies, coordination, and social protection services.

Wings of the MOHR

The Ministry of Human Rights is made up of the following four Wings — each of which reports directly to the Secretary MoHR:

  • Administration Wing: headed by the Joint Secretary.
  • Human Rights Wing: headed by a Director General who oversees the five Regional Directorates at the provincial Level.
  • Development Wing: headed by a Director General.

International Cooperation (IC) Wing: headed by a Director General

Units of the MOHR

The Ministry of Human Rights comprises of the following units:

  • Family Protection and Rehabilitation Centre (FPRC) /Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Crises Centre for Women
  • National Commission for Child Welfare and Development (NCCWD)
  • Implementation of National Plan of Action on Children (INPAC)
  • National Child Protection Centre (NCPC)
  • Help Line for Legal Advice on Human Rights Violations, Islamabad

Regional Directorates

  • Human Rights, Regional Office, Lahore
  • Human Rights, Regional Office, Karachi
  • Human Rights, Regional Office, Peshawar
  • Human Rights, Regional Office, Quetta

The MoHR maintains its presence in each province through its Regional Directorates. The Regional Directorates report directly to MoHR and they play a central role in liaising between the provincial Human Rights Departments and MoHR. They also provide assistance to the provincial HR Departments to aid the smooth execution of their functions.